Apr 11 2014 11:42 230 notes

quick animation test for saudade project :) (I couldn’t find any good growl sounds gdi)

Apr 8 2014 13:56 7 notes

I've just spent a good 30 minutes looking through this art blog. The DD404 looks seriously interesting :O Any more information on it or is it mostly still hush-hush?

It’s not hush-hush at all, but there’s nothing worth talking about right now I think, I just have to finish up the script and then I’ll put up more info and junk :) Thanks!

Apr 7 2014 19:23 579 notes

I was doing an experiment but it failed but I had a rendered Wander so like?? i just bullshitted some grass sorry (at least it’s not ps grass brush)

Apr 7 2014 11:10 179 notes

just doodling more in this style cause it’s funnn

Apr 7 2014 1:55 36 notes

If you want to follow any updates on how it’s going with the Duck Dodgers 404 project, you can follow the official tumblr, cause I will post more stuff there. It’s great if you send any asks regarding it that way as well, or over at my personal tumblr :) just to not flood people here

There’s not anything to see on the dd404 blog right now, but it will pick up later! Thank you :D


Apr 7 2014 1:47 4 notes

Hey can I have a link to a break down of your AU or something if it exists? Also have you ever drawn Martian Queen/Daffy? I loooved their "relationship" in the DD remake C:

noope there’s nothing of that yet, there’s so much in the story that I change all the time, so I’ve just kept it under a lid :/ I will try to have the plot out at soon as possible thoo (it’s only a few things I need to puzzle with right now in order for a few things to make sense, but the initial thing is done)

and noo I have not drawn any of that I thiink.. she will be in the comic tho of course, so there is bound to be SOMETHING of that, haha :)

Apr 6 2014 19:15 14 notes

Is DD404 your AU?? Because I fall in love with this q___q <3

haha yes! thank youuuu i’m glad not everyone thinks im completely bonkers <3

Apr 6 2014 13:25 110 notes

thanks for the feedback on the lineart thing! I have some additional stuff I can show + someone asked for colored lineart tips so here u go:

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Apr 6 2014 10:31 112 notes

Hi any art tips on making lines clean and shading?

I can go through clean lineart, I don’t think I have too much to say about shadingg.. but if I do I’ll make a separate post :o

under the cut for example pics and stuff, so it don’t block your dash. This is just the way I do lineart, which I’ve learned by looking at other art, so theres no pro-stuff. Just. yeah

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Apr 4 2014 11:30 358 notes

Stuff from the character design assignment we just had - we got a sound clip of a kangaroo and a waitress in a beer ad, and had to interpret the characters from the voices! It was a lot of fun, and the class had a lot of different results :D I borrowed inspiration from Hanna-Barbera, Rob Renzetti and Derek Yaniger.

The beer ad clip is here, but we never got to see it before we were done