larivieraetlachanson: Sorry if you already answered this qestion before, but I would like to know what is the duckdoggers404 thing about. Is it a comic/story project?

It is currently a comic project I’m tryinggg to do but I am unreliable and dumb… So don’t count on me to make it haha. But actually making it would be a super achievement for me so… I tryy. I am writing the script right now and after that I will put up the plot summary u-u so people will know if it’s interesting or not haha..

thanks for showing interest!! very appreciate

Happy Birthday to the Bugs Bune

doodles from sketchpad :y

some draws


that’s illegal

hey hi I’m gonna post comics at, cool beans

making some comic strips to be posted lateer

a real shitty goat demon thang



Another sketch example.

Reblogging to give it another try. Only got one commission request from the last time.

signal boost agaiin!

bobfox: I really love your artwork. Like, a lot. I especially love it when you post your doodles! So, thank you!

Thanks!! Sometimes I’m not sure if I should post them so I’m glad you say so :) 

doodles from sketchbook


I’m kind of in a big pinch,

would anybody commission me if I put up $5 sketch commissions of anything?

One of my classmates! Signal boosting

Wanted to experiment further with this style :) Been art blocking a lot. Back to commissions tho!


myrobotlandlord: What is your favourite animation program?? ((:

Do you meannn program=software to animate in? If so TVPaint I guess.. that’s.. what I’ve learned to use

But if you mean program as in animation show = It’s really hard to pinpoint one cause there’s soo manyy good ones.. Right now I really like Wander Over Yonder, but some old favs are My Life As A Teenage Robot, Danny Phantom, Fairly OddParents and.. Dexter’s Lab..yeahh.. :v

Experimenting with some different lineart :v available in my RB shop