doodledesign in school

— Anonymous: What ever happened to Armando and viola?

Due to the large intake of Spargle at a young age, Viola had some trouble growing up, but eventually became a rockstar. Armando grew up to be a photorealistic duck.



(Anon that is cute that you remember these shit shenanigans of mine. thank u)

You've caused me to weep, you've caused me to mourn
You caused me to lose my home

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eleanorose123: Hi, I'm trying to get into an animation program but their portfolio requirement level is really high. Do you have any advice when it comes to making character model sheets? Like how to keep them looking the same at each angle?

Suuure! I like making model sheets. However I haven’t learned anything about it like.. OFFICIALLY.. so I can just tell you what I know/think personally. This is just my ways of .. doing

Under cut for images long post :)

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'draw not-looney-tunes' fine

mom thinks porky is cute

render/shade test

just pose practice/render 

some peter and the wolf inspired stuffs

a doberman doodle :o but I liked it so it’s on my redbubble.

I made this quick ref for someone, still unfinished Hareway design blerghgh

no hand steve having some technical issues

What I drew on the Livestream! It took longer than I thought, sorry, so i couldn’t draw anything else afterwards x-x but it was a nice stream so I will probably do another one soon!! Thanks everyone who attended and chatted :D