Was going to try out a thing with lineart/coloring but ended up not.. doing that.. Buh. Djinn concept really out of style buut

some pokemans, up in my RB shop

ask-fruitloop: How would you react if Warner bros made an offer to make your version of DD404 into a tv show?

they would never tho but thanks for the thought

some paper doodles :v

some cruddy bowsers, my arm has been hurting but I really want to draw :x

doodling Lola/Nova for DD404 project :v I’ll be drawing her a lotlott so I should really work out her final design and such. 

I got to do a poster for next weeks Toga-themed party :) (text is placeholder)

..and I drew this Mojo as thank you to Chris as well :D

I picked up Chris Battles awesome art drop the other day - I love it!! Been a fan for years so it’s a huge treasure to me :D Thank you!! 

Far from Skid Row, I dream we’ll go, Somewhere That’s Green!

Wanted to experiment some with texture and color, the size and composition got a little weird cause I had to remove stuff :( But whatever, it was good practice! Please watch Little Shop of Horrors if you haven’t :D

Looks like it’s not happy, less you open a vein. Seymour doodle :v

doodledesign in school

— Anonymous: What ever happened to Armando and viola?

Due to the large intake of Spargle at a young age, Viola had some trouble growing up, but eventually became a rockstar. Armando grew up to be a photorealistic duck.



(Anon that is cute that you remember these shit shenanigans of mine. thank u)

You've caused me to weep, you've caused me to mourn
You caused me to lose my home

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